Young People

The aim of the Service is to support young people who are leaving care with the next step to independence and prepare them for living on their own in a tenancy. This will include giving support and guidance to enable them to move on and have the confidence to:

  • Develop as an individual
  • Take responsibility for their
    own development
  • Make their own decisions
  • Sustain a tenancy
  • Manage household bills
    and budgets
  • Access education, training
    or employment
  • Access appropriate benefits
  • Access health services
  • Complete domestic tasks
    such as cleaning, washing
    and cooking simple meals
  • Access leisure/social activities
  • Re-connect with their family, friends and the local community

Benefits For Young People

  • Individual accommodation
  • The Independent Living Project Ltd provides supported
    accommodation provision for young people preparing to leave care
    aged 16 to 18 years on admission
  • The Project endeavours to support young people leaving care and
    moving into independent accommodation for the first time.
  • The provision of modern accommodation couple with a high quality
    support service to enable them to maintain their accommodation.
  • We treat young people as individuals and promote their dignity,
    independence and wellbeing.
  • We acknowledge and respect service users’ gender, sexual orientation,
    age, ability, race, religion, culture and lifestyle.
  • As young people progress we acknowledge their right to have
    maximum possible control over their lives.
  • Assist young people to realise their personal aspirations and maximise
    their independence. Whilst ensuring they remain safe and acquire the
    skills, knowledge and confidence to live in their own tenancy and
    achieve their potential
  • Work in partnership to achieve positive outcomes for young people.
  • Young people are encouraged to be actively involved in the
    development of the service.
  • We will endeavour to help young people access other agencies who
    may be able to help with significant issues in their lives e.g.; drugs,
    alcohol, risky behaviours, relationships.
  • Financial support is provided by responsible Local Authorities through
    various grants and payments.
  • A 24 hour emergency support system

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